"Tania is a compassionate, and very professional therapist. I came to her with various issues related to anxiety and stress. She listened intently and offered extremely helpful advice. If you connect with Tania and retain her as your therapist, you will not regret it."
Tania is one of the best therapists I have ever known. She is really terrific at listening and being there with me during our time together. I highly recommend her!
melissa Friedman
“Where do we begin... Tania and I have worked together for years. I have had a lifetime of struggles with anxiety, low self esteem, and racing thoughts; now I have a life of adventure, confidence and joy. She is my confidant and the person I turn to to help me accomplish my goals and dreams. I always wanted to live one day without extreme anxiety, I have lived years without it, and it's all because of the dedication of Tania. I will continue to seek her help to maintain and reach for the stars. Never give up!”
Danielle Boyd
“Tania Ades is an excellent therapist. We coordinated care and shared cases with her having the couple and my having the individual, and visa versa. She has the ability to be completely present and tuned in with patients and when I referred to her, I knew the patients were in good hands. They have significant relationships with her and with her insight and personality, they make significant changes. Can't say enough about Tania.”
Jennifer Valli